Prevention & Population Health

Improving Individual and Community Heart Health

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) is committed to preventing heart disease before it happens. Research at the individual and population levels are helping people and whole communities live healthier lives. MHIF researchers are using data to develop innovative risk assessment tools and better manage and reduce risk factors that make it easier for people to prevent and treat heart disease. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation led the way in creating the Under 55 Registry to identify individuals most at risk before a heart attack occurs. Investigators at MHIF have also led many innovative statin drug studies which help lower cholesterol and the risk for heart attacks and stroke. Studies like these, combined with programs targeting heart healthy lifestyle changes, are working to prevent heart and vascular disease across the country.

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s Pathway to Prevention Campaign aims to fund additional research, interventions and learning dissemination to continue our track record of success.

Building a Community Model for Success

Transforming health at a community level is the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s (MHIF) goal in this new era of health care. Our nationally recognized Hearts Beat Back®: The Heart of New Ulm Project encourages individuals in the City of New Ulm, Minnesota, to eat well, exercise, quit smoking, manage stress and get preventative screenings to combat heart disease. Since 2008, our efforts have reduced the incidence of heart attacks to a rate below the national average. MHIF’s goal is to disseminate findings from these and other research efforts to replicate successful strategies that will impact many more communities across the country.