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Offering experiential learning and collaboration through educational programs, seminars and consultations.

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The Cardiovascular Learning & Innovation Center (CLIC) is a collaboration of world renowned cardiovascular physicians and advanced practice providers from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Faculty members are dedicated to the experiential transfer of knowledge through educational programs, seminars and consultations.

Program offerings are tailored to the innovative processes of the medical technology and device industry, however, pharmaceutical and financial business sectors are also included.

Key Advantages


High cardiovascular procedure volume

Reduced bureaucratic barriers to innovation

Selective services tailored to your needs

Early assessment of your concept’s clinical utility

Our Programs

Tailored to your needs.


We offer unbiased, human-centered design services provided by world-class cardiovascular physicians from the Minneapolis Heart Institute®. The Cardiovascular Learning and Innovation Center reduces bureaucratic innovation barriers by waiving all rights to publications, intellectual property or royalties for services rendered. All educational services are developed and taught by world-class cardiovascular physicians.

To reduce potential clinical consultation monetary  bias, all proceeds are allocated directly to support the Cardiovascular Learning and Innovation Center and MHIF research and education programs. Physician faculty do not receive direct compensation.

Educational content is designed using state-of-the-art imaging modalities (magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography imaging and echocardiographic imaging) that provide comprehensive images and videos to enable the learner to gain an in-depth understanding of various cardiovascular diseases.


Live Case Viewing (Live Streaming)

Unique learning experience to view intricate details of an operating room, without the “burden” of being there (e.g., no credentialing or need to change into scrubs).

Get a live-stream comprehensive view of cardiovascular procedures in the comfort of the MHIF Learning Center. Live cases are projected on large screen monitors with visibility to the same data monitors the physicians use during the procedure. Potential for direct interaction with the physician during “non-procedure” moments to further enhance your educational experience.


  • Minimum 5 participants
  • Includes 1 hour evening debrief
  • Estimated 2-3 cases per day
Evening Grand Rounds

Physician-to-physician dialog highlighting therapy decisions/recommendations for optimal treatment.

Engage in physician-to-physician dialog while they discuss specific patient cases. Experience an in-depth process on the language, data and diagnostic tools used while physicians, from various subspecialties discuss patient disease states and co-morbidities. This experience will enhance your knowledge on the process and data physicians use to determine optimal patient care pathways.

  • Minimum 8 participants
  • Minimum 2-hour evening debrief session
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • 2-4 cases reviewed per session, contingent on audience engagement
Clinical Immersion Session

Engage in the work flow process and “life of a physician” during clinical rounds.

Better understand a day-in-the-life of physicians and medical staff in their specific area of cardiovascular expertise. Session enables participants to engage in the daily care and management of patients through in-depth clinical round examples and case discussions. Topics typically covered include patient evaluation, diagnostice information, lab tests selected, colleagues consulted, patient compliance, and physician time and follow-up actions.

  • Up to 15 attendees per session
  • Minimum two-hour session contingent upon engagement of audience questions
Clinical Consultation

Transform your ideas into clinical reality with our world-class cardiovascular experts.

Assess the unbiased clinical utility of your ideas with nationally recognized cardiovascular leaders. Whether you choose a single or multi-physician consultation agreement, our physicians will guide you with their clinical knowledge and experience to help transform your ideas into clinical reality. Flexible consulting agreements aid in the rapid clinical assessment and development of your ideas.

  • General consultation customized to customer needs
  • Specific clinical disciplines selected for consultation team
  • Development agreements available (call for details)
  • Phone consultation is an option for rapid assessment; typically occurs within three business days from request
Course Modules

Courses developed and taught by world-class physicians

Immersion in educational and clinical content on specific cardiovascular areas of focus that can be combined to create a customized training program. All course curriculum is developed and taught by physicians so you get a blended combination of medical knowledge and experience in each course.

  • Up to 15 attendees per course module
Custom Case Review

Experience intricate details of surgical procedures with pre-recorded cases and one-on-one tutorial with case physician.

Pre-recorded cases covering selected cardiovascular surgical procedures are provided with the physician who performed the procedure. No credentialing or need to change into scrubs. Cameras provide visibility to data screens used in procedure, as well as product prep and physician handy/eye motion.

  • Up to 5 attendees per case
  • Maximum 4 cases per session
Imaging Consultation

Engage with expert imaging cardiologists using advanced multi-modality imaging techniques.

Gain a thorough understanding of cardiovascular morphology and function with a 1:1 consultation with a cardiovascular imaging physician specialist. The imaging consultation will be customized to suit your needs and provide you with a comprehensive review of cardiovascular anatomy and function using our extensive imaging database collection comprised of Echocardiography (3D and TEE), Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) and Computed Tomography (CT) imaging modalities.

  • Minimum 2-hour consult session required

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