(KSTP VIDEO) Study: Vaccinated COVID-19 Patients Less Likely to Die of Heart Attacks

A large contingent of Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation doctors and researchers were in Washington to present their research findings at the American College of Cardiology’s annual conference. Included was a “Featured Latebreaker” from Dr. Santiago Garcia regarding his two-year study on COVID-19 patients with heart attacks.

The research caught the attention of KSTP who interviewed Dr. Garcia on the study that found mortality rates decreasing for COVID-19 patients with heart attacks but remaining high for unvaccinated patients.

“The mortality for patients who were vaccinated in this research was zero; none of them die in the hospital and all the data suggest that we’re getting back to pre-pandemic success of heart attack outcomes in vaccinated patients,” said Santiago Garcia, MD, interventional cardiologist, researcher and primary investigator for MHIF, which is the international data coordinating center for the study. “The mortality for people that were treated in 2021 and were not vaccinated was 22 percent, which is quite high for heart attack patients. There’s a powerful message here and it certainly supports the recommendations to get people vaccinated.”


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COVID-19: Why Should You Still Take Care of Your Heart?

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