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Past Presentations

  • Heart Attacks, Blockages & Stents: Why and How You Should Care for Your Coronary Arteries for a Healthier Heart; Emmanouil Brilakis, MD, PhD
  • Fish Oil for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease; Michael Miedema, MD
  • Cardiac Transplantation: Past, Present & Future; Benjamin Sun, MD
  • Stories of a Healthy Heart (Valve Disease Awareness Day event); Paul Sorajja, MD, Santiago Garcia, MD
  • Healthy Heart Valves, At the Heart of the Matter; Paul Sorajja, MD and Vinayak Bapat, MD
  • Innovations in Vascular Medicine and Complex Aortic Conditions; Jesse Manunga Jr., MD
  • An Update on Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapy and its Potential Use Treating COVID-19; Jay Traverse, MD
  • History of Heart Surgery; Robert Steffen, MD
  • Cardiovascular Telemedicine, Care in the Age of Coronavirus; Marc Newell, MD
  • Heart Health, Mental Health & Best Outcomes During COVID-19; Courtney Baechler, MD
  • Advancements in Heart Rhythm Conditions in the Age of COVID-19; John Zakaib, MD
  • What’s New in Heart Failure; Peter Eckman, MD
  • Hypertension, Cardiac Risk Factors in the Time of COVID-19; Retu Saxena, MD
  • Leading Innovations in Heart Valve Science; Paul Sorajja, MD
  • COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Disease; Steven M. Bradley, MD, MPH

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