Take Heart: a Mobile App for Patients

March 9, 2021

Take Heart is a free app designed by physicians for Minneapolis Heart Institute® patients undergoing heart procedures such as coronary angiogram, percutaneous coronary intervention or PCI (commonly known as stents), and transcutaneous aortic valve replacement (a valve procedure).

This app was funded by Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation and the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and is a collaboration with Allina Health, and led by Steven Bradley, MD, MPH, cardiologist and researcher at MHIF and general cardiologist at Minneapolis Heart Institute®.

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and Allina Health are using the Take Heart app to help limit patient confusion when it comes to heart procedures. Patients are being introduced to the app this month via their clinic appointment and the app is designed to be a virtual medical assistant, reminding patients of important details about the procedure or treatment they are receiving from their cardiologist.

“We noticed that all of the information that we give patients before and after their procedures could be very overwhelming,” said Dr. Bradley. “Just the idea of a procedure can be stressful and as expected, some patients forget the details about what they should and shouldn’t do before and after the procedure. We wanted to create something thorough, yet convenient and the Take Heart app on smartphones became our solution. It’s a win-win for patients and their care team because it ultimately increases the chances of our patients having the best possible outcome.”

The app is downloadable on any smartphone and patients receive details (including a sign-in code unique to the individual patient) from their cardiology care team. Once patients have signed into the Take Heart app, they can use it as a resource to remember the information shared by their care team before, during and after a procedure. 

Listen to Dr. Bradley’s interview with KSTP-TV about this initiative here.

You can download the app through the Google Play Store here or the App Store here.

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