Dr. Jay Traverse Educates Listeners About Heart Problems on KDUZ Radio Heart Health Show

September 24, 2020  

MHIF’s Director of Research Dr. Jay Traverse recently joined host Lester Schuft on the Heart Health Show on KDUZ Radio in Hutchinson, Minn. Dr. Traverse and Schuft discussed the prominent symptoms associated with various heart problems, including heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure and arrhythmias. Dr. Traverse also provided an overview of the different types of tests done for various problems, as well as treatments.

Schuft himself, now 82, has received care from Minneapolis Heart Institute® cardiologists for a variety of heart problems, and his goal with the radio program is to help people learn more about their heart health and take prompt action if they feel symptoms.

“I think it’s (the program) very informative … in fact, I know,” said Schuft. “I can go to the grocery store and somebody will say, ‘Heard your show on the heart program, boy was that good; I didn’t know that.’ That’s what the program is for.”

“To me, because I went through it, that heart is pretty important to me,” said Schuft. “If you haven’t got that and it isn’t functioning right, you haven’t got too much of anything. It’s that easy.”

Listen to the full show below.