Research Partners Earn Top Docs Awards

July 10, 2020 

Congratulations to 24 physicians from Minneapolis Heart Institute® who are recognized in the 24th edition of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s “Top Doctors” issue! We are so proud of the exceptional cardiovascular care these professionals provide to their patients and the innovative groundbreaking research they conduct through our foundation to improve and save lives for patients across the world.

The providers were chosen through a process that involved nominations from colleagues in the 10-county Twin Cities area, as well as extensive research and peer review. Kudos to all!

Raed H. Abdelhadi, MD

Ivan J. Chavez, MD

Frazier Eales, MD

Peter M. Eckman, MD

Thomas F. Flavin, MD

Charles C. Gornick, MD

Elizabeth Z. Grey, MD

Kevin M. Harris, MD

David G. Hurrell, MD

William T. Katsiyiannis, MD

Thomas Knickelbine, MD

Kristopher D. Krueger, MD

John R. Lesser, MD

Terrence F. Longe, MD

Daniel P. Melby, MD

Michael D. Miedema, MD

Michael R. Mooney, MD

Marc C. Newell, MD

Retu Saxena, MD

Robert S. Schwartz, MD

Scott W. Sharkey, MD

Paul Sorajja, MD

Jay H. Traverse, MD

Yale Lewis Wang, MD