Q&A with Dr. Peter Eckman on KDUZ Radio Heart Show

April 28, 2020 

During Heart Month in February, Dr. Peter Eckman joined host Lester Schuft on the KDUZ Radio Heart Show program in Hutchinson, Minn., to talk all about heart health.

Dr. Eckman and Schuft discussed the symptoms of heart problems and a heart attack, the difference between heart disease and heart failure, the different types of heart failure, and its causes and treatments. Dr. Eckman explained how there are several specialties and subspecialties as well as general cardiologists, and described how patients are matched with the right doctors to ensure they get the best care. He also talked about the diverse portfolio of research happening at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, including research on innovative ways to treat heart valve disease, pericarditis (inflammation around the heart), heart failure, high cholesterol and more.

Schuft also shared a bit about his own symptoms during his heart attack and his experience having received four bypasses, a pacemaker, defibrillator and mitral valve replacement over the years.

“I have great, great respect for Abbott and the Minneapolis Heart Institute®,” said Schuft. “If I wouldn’t have had the care that the Minneapolis Heart Institute® gave me, I wouldn’t be around.

Listen to the full interview below.