Perspectives on the Management of COVID-19 Infection in China – MHIF Cardiovascular Grand Rounds

April 7, 2020

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® Cardiovascular Grand Rounds
Speaker: Yu Du, MD
Practicing physician from Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University
Research Scholar for the MHIF Valve Science Center

Dr. Yu Du is one of the current MHIF International Scholars working with the MHIF Valve Science Center. Prior to coming to MHIF, Dr. Du and his family resided in Wuhan-Enshi, which is about 500 kilometers (1 hour by plane or 4 hours by train) from Wuhan, the center of the beginning of the pandemic in China.

For this Grand Rounds, Dr. Du shared his perspective on the pandemic, the environment in China and the practice guidelines followed by medical staff in China. He is not an infectious disease expert and acknowledged that his presentation is for education only as he is happy to share what he knows about the pandemic experience in his home country.

In his talk, Dr. Du reviews source of transmission, route of transmission and discusses the clinical manifestations of COVID-19. He also shares some perspective on what was learned in China from the prior experience with the SARS virus.

Similar to the U.S., guidelines in China both for the general population focused on personal hygiene (handwashing) and protective equipment. There were also extensive protocols for additional steps such as temperature checks, disinfection in public places and screening criteria that allow people to get direction on when they should go to the hospital.

Dr. Du walked through a timeline of events related to the COVID-19 pandemic in China as well as some of the treatment protocols. On behalf of the MHIF team, we thank Dr. Du for sharing his perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic in China.