Harris Published in EHJ for Treadmill Workstation in Echo Lab

MHIF Researcher and Minneapolis Heart Institute Cardiologist, Dr. Kevin Harris recently published a paper in the European Heart Journal on the use of a treadmill workstation (TW) in the echocardiography laboratory. In the works since 2014, this first-of-its-kind study was a collaborative and persistent effort with a team of MHIF staff and physicians including former MHI fellow, Dr. Ankur Kalra, now at Cleveland Clinic.

The innovative study looked at combating sedentary time in the echocardiography laboratory. Currently, cardiologists fall short of AHA goals for daily steps and with long work days, time for additional physical activity beyond work hours may be limited. 

The team surveyed 13 (72%) of 18 cardiologists in the echocardiography laboratory who utilized the TW—92% rated their overall experience as either very good or excellent. Benefits of the TW noted were less low back pain, improved mood, improved sleep, increased focus and attention at work, less stress, increased productivity and increased energy level. More statistics & findings are noted in the embedded infographic.

Dr. Kevin Harris states from the paper conclusion, “It is counterintuitive that cardiologists, who should be the stewards of the AHA recommendations for healthy lifestyle, spend the majority of their work hours doing sedentary work. In order to best advise patients on their health and well-being, cardiologists should strive to avoid hours of sedentary work as commonly seen in an echocardiography laboratory, potentially by the use of TW while reading echocardiograms at least for a portion of their workday.

Read the full paper in the European Heart Journal here: https://doi.org/10.1093/eurheartj/ehz581