2019 Intern Cohort Recap

The summer research interns had their final research poster presentations in the newly remodeled space at MHIF on August 8th. Approximately 150 guests joined the interns to see and learn about the great research the interns completed over the summer with their physician and staff mentors.

It was an incredible summer with these brilliant young minds. The Research Internship Program is a great way to move research and cardiovascular health forward as well as provide young adults a unique educational opportunity!

Here are some quotes about the interns’ experience in the MHIF Research Internship program:

 “My staff mentor was so knowledgeable and giving; she really made a difference to help me navigate the system and optimize my PI.”

“I learned a lot from the scientific services team, whether it was about statistics, organizing data or drawing conclusions.”

“When I first came, I didn’t fully know what a tremendous opportunity this would be.  The research and educational experiences were outstanding.  Then to join my physician with a patient and see how my research was connected was well beyond my expectations.”

 “Because of this experience, I was able to confirm my interest in becoming a doctor.  I also now have a better idea of whether I want, surgery vs clinic, etc. Also, I am now much more interested in making research a part of my career.”

“I was really struck by the collaboration not only at MHIF but at MHI as evidenced in the case conferences.  There was so much respect across the specialties; together, they found the right solution for the patient.  This is truly a special and exceptional place.” 

 “The approachability of the physicians and the insights about careers and medicine were a gift.”

“I felt part of a big, inclusive team versus being isolated doing lonely research.” 

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