Dr. Scott Sharkey on Kare11 for Women’s Heart Research

Click on image above to watch Dr. Sharkey’s segment on Kare 11.

Dr. Scott Sharkey, MHIF Chief Medical Officer and Cardiologist at Minneapolis Heart Institute® recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kare 11’s Rena Sarigianopoulos to discuss women’s heart health and the fact that research specific to women’s hearts lags decades behind men’s.

“We have learned that the biology of women’s hearts is quite different than men’s, and we have discovered a lot of heart conditions that are more or less unique to women,” Sharkey noted.

Research has shown that OB-GYNs are the primary care providers for a large percentage of women, particularly young minority women. Dr. Sharkey discussed one of MHIF’s Women’s Cardiovascular Science Center’s key initiatives: The Broadening the Role of OB-GYNs in Assessing Cardiovascular Health (BROACH) initiative aims to increase the number of women receiving cardiovascular risk factor screening at their annual OB-GYN visits by identifying the tools, resources and education needs identified from both the provider and patient perspective.

To view the full story & video, watch on Kare 11’s website here. Stay in touch with MHIF’s efforts to close the research gap by following #ResearchHer on social media channels! Learn more about MHIF’s Women’s Cardiovascular Science Center here: https://mplsheart.org/women