26 MHI Physicians on 2019 Top Docs List

Congratulations to all of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Physicians who made the 2019 Top Doctors List:

Raed Abdelhadi, MD
Peter Alden, MD
Ivan Chavez, MD
Frazier Eales, MD
Peter Eckman, MD
Charles Gornick, MD
Elizabeth Grey, MD
Kevin Harris, MD
Tim Henry, MD
David Hurrell, MD
WIlliam Katsiyiannis, MD
Thomas Knickelbine, MD
Vibhu Kshettry, MD
John Lesser, MD
David Lin, MD
Terrence Longe, MD
Daniel Melby, MD
Michael Miedema, MD
Michael Mooney, MD
Marc Newell, MD
Wes Pedersen, MD
Retu Saxena, MD
Robert Schwartz, MD
Scott Sharkey, MD
Paul Sorajja, MD
Yale Wang, MD