Dr. Mosi Bennett on Kare11 re: Blood Pressure

MHIF Researcher and MHI® Cardiologist, Dr. Mosi Bennett was recently interviewed by Kare 11’s Adrienne Broaddus regarding the fact that black men are hit hardest by high blood pressure, a silent killer that often comes without symptoms or warning. 

“As a heart failure cardiologist, I see the end stage of uncontrolled blood pressure. It can lead to advanced heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and also blindness,” he said. “We know heart disease is the leading cause of death. So getting your blood pressure under control is very important to reduce the risk of having those things happen.”  

 Dr. Bennett says researchers say some African Americans carry a gene putting them at greater risk for hypertension. The gene, he says, makes them more sensitive to salt. “This gene identified has been linked to a sensitivity to salt in African Americans but some African Americans don’t have this gene,” he said. 

Watch the video here or online for the full story!