CCAD Research Scholars Named Finalists in CTO2019 Case Competition

The 2019 Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Summit featured a Challenging Case Competition sponsored by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF).  The CRF tasked attendees with submitting the most challenging cases to be considered for presentation and discussion at the CTO Summit. MHIF Complex CAD Science Center Fellows, Dr. Iosif Xenogiannis and Dr. Allison Hall were selected among the 10 finalists to present their findings.  Dr. Iosif Xenogiannis was voted among the top 3 cases for his presentation “Retrograde Recanalization for Treatment of Antegrade Perforation During Chronic Total Occlusion Intervention”.  Congratulations to these Research Scholars!

The CTO Summit 2019 was held from February 28-March 1 in New York, New York, and featured leading practitioners in the field of CTO PCI.  Learn more about the summit and view presentations here.