Dr. Elizabeth Grey on WCCO Radio

MHIF Researcher & Cardiologist at Minneapolis Heart Institute®, Dr. Elizabeth Grey joined Paul and Jordana on WCCO Radio to discuss study findings about increased incidence of heart attacks in winter! This could be for a variety of reasons including cold temperatures constricting blood vessels driving up blood pressure. But also – shoveling!

Shoveling can place extreme stress on your cardiovascular system. Dr. Grey recommends that if you are over 55 and have one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease – hire a neighbor kid to do your shoveling! If you want to do it yourself, build up to it – start with some light exercise and build up your endurance. If you have to shovel, go slow! Shoveling is a lot more work than an average workout.

Paul and Jordana also asked Dr. Grey about younger women’s vulnerability for heart attacks. Grey shared that young women of childbearing age are having more heart attacks than you’d think! This is potentially due to risk factors being increased in younger populations or heavy exertion – ie. not due to plaque build-up.

Risk factors for younger women include oral contraceptives, smoking, family history, diabetic, extreme exertion and/or competitive racing. 

Women present a heart attack differently with atypical symptoms. A woman may not have the typical chest pressure/heaviness that you think of. She might experience neck, jaw or tooth pain, back pain, shortness of breath and/or fatigue. 

Dr. Grey shared one of her interests is bridging the gap in research between men and women. MHIF is dedicated to this and launching a Women’s Cardiovascular Science Center. Check out the webpage for more details and to stay in touch with women’s related topics!

Listen to full radio segment online (Dr. Grey at 18:20): https://wccoradio.radio.com/media/audio-channel/2-20-19-paul-and-jordana-5pm


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