Welcome to the Research Community of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation (MHIF)!

We are grateful to you – our community of patients who help us advance the field of cardiology – and save lives because of your willingness to participate in research!

Whether you have been interviewed for a clinical study or have participated in a research study, you’ve made an important contribution to cardiovascular care. This takes time and commitment – and we want you to know we recognize and embrace the community of people like you who make all of this possible.

Every year, exciting breakthroughs and new discoveries come from research conducted at MHIF. These important findings advance medical knowledge, improving the health and lives of millions of people worldwide. Clinical research studies test new drugs, devices, and medical procedures to understand how they work – and how to improve care for future generations.

We invite you to stay connected to us! Whether you’re interested in research updates or stories about people like you who are supportive of research, we want to be a resource to you. If you are interested in being part of our mission, here are some ways for you to get involved!

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