Dr. Mike Miedema Awarded Early Distinguished Alumni Career Award by UMN

Eight University of Minnesota Medical School alumni were honored for their contributions to the medical profession at the Medical School Alumni Awards Banquet on Thursday, October 12, at the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center. MHIF Researcher, Dr. Mike Miedema was one of the honorees.

The Early Distinguished Career Alumni Award is given to a physician for exceptional accomplishments within 15 years of graduating from or completing his or her residency at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Miedema, a 2005 Medical School alumnus, already has earned international recognition for his work in the field of preventive cardiology. A senior consulting cardiologist at the Minneapolis Heart Institute and a clinical investigator at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, Miedema demonstrates his passion by speaking to community groups about heart disease prevention and heart-healthy habits on his personal time. Colleagues describe him as humble, knowledgeable and compassionate toward his patients.

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