Janell Weber: best shape, best option

Janell WeberAs a physical therapist, Janell Weber has always been health-minded. So after she was first diagnosed with a heart murmur in the 1980s, she diligently monitored her heart health – getting testing every four years, and then every two. She knew that she would eventually need surgery for her severe aortic stenosis, so when she reached her late 70s, she decided to go ahead with the procedure, despite not having any severe symptoms. Janell lived alone, and she didn’t want to worry about passing out, falling or worse.

She worked to physically prepare herself for surgery, getting in the best shape possible. And when she was presented with the option of participating in a study at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF), she eagerly agreed, even though her daughter had reservations. “Before he died, my husband was in the medical research business, and I knew the importance of research,” Janell said. “I wanted to participate for the common good.”

Janell’s surgery went well, and she soon resumed her normal life. She credits cardiac rehab for helping her to regain her strength and endurance. She knew that her health was returning in full when she was able to lift the turkey on Thanksgiving!

Janell credits a positive attitude and complete trust in her cardiologist and the MHIF research team for making her surgery and recovery as smooth as possible. “I didn’t have any doubts,” she said when asked about her decision to participate in research at MHIF. “I had full trust in the people who took care of me.”

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