Doug Limon: Angina

In 2014, after several years of crippling chest pain, Doug Limon got up and danced – literally!

After dealing with constant chest pain for many years, Doug was willing to try anything to get his life back. He had undergone every possible intervention for his Class 3-4 refractory angina – multiple coronary bypasses and stents, as well as medication – and he was still crippled by the paralyzing pain in his chest. Not only was it difficult to go about his daily life, but he was unable to do the things that were the most important to him, such as participate in local Native American community activities with his then 4-year-old son. In his mid-50s, Doug was facing many years with a diminished quality of life. He couldn’t even walk without pain.

So when Doug was approached to take part in a Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation stem cell study, he heartily agreed to participate. In the RENEW program, Doug was the first patient in the United States to receive placebo vs. cell injection aimed at stimulating new blood vessel growth in viable, non-damaged heart tissue.

About two years after receiving his first injection, Doug has undergone an incredible transformation. His cardiovascular status has improved to a Class 1-2 refractory angina and he no longer has constant chest pain. Most importantly, though, he can now dance in his community with his son!

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