Research Capabilities

Thirty-three Years of Research and Counting!

With more than 30 years of research experience, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) has conducted hundreds of studies covering a wide spectrum of cardiovascular care and disease prevention. Research with MHIF offers many advantages:

  • Access to patient and community populations – Access is made possible through our affiliation with Minneapolis Heart Institute®, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina and the care system network across the state. We enroll almost 1000 research subjects in IRB-approved studies each year.
  • Thought leaders – The 68 physicians of the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and our team of population health investigators possess deep knowledge and expertise in more than 30 cardiovascular specialties. They are leaders in their fields, nationally recognized at scientific meetings and publish more than 120 peer-reviewed manuscripts each year.
  • Staff experience – Our Foundation staff are highly educated, bringing extensive experience from diverse academic and clinical backgrounds. Our research coordinators have an average of 10 years’ experience and most have the Clinical Research Coordinator certification
  • Institutional review boards – MHIF collaborates with two institutional review boards to support our commitment to ethical research.
  • Advanced cardiovascular imaging expertise – Advanced imaging capabilities offer the highest level of detection and understanding to optimize treatment of cardiovascular disease. Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital has one of the largest cardiac MRI and CT clinical centers in the world.

Digging Deep into Data

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® researchers have access to a complex set of data via several national databases and registries. Our extensive data access includes:

OPTIMIST Database More than 1,400 refractory angina patients with annual follow-up data

Level 1 STEMI Database 4,100 STEMI patients; includes follow-up data at 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years

CSI Imaging Database More than 35,000 CT and MRI scans

U.S. National Registry of Sudden Death in Athletes 2,452 victims and 242 survivors of sudden cardiac events, ages 8–39, 1980 to present

National Commotio Cordis Registry 225 (U.S.) and 66 (international) victims and survivors, all ages

MHI Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Center Patient Database 1,584 patients seen from 1992 to present

Complex Valve Database More than 350 patients with mixed valvular disease

Spanning the Spectrum of Study Types

Not only does the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) have investigator expertise across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease, it also has deep experience in a wide variety of study types including:

  • Proof-of-concept
  • Phase I-IV IND and IDE
  • Post-market surveillance
  • Medical device development (feasibility, pilot, pivotal)
  • Imaging (CT, MRI)/core lab
  • Population health
  • Registry
CASE STUDY: Level 1 Heart Attack Program

More people are surviving heart attacks today thanks to the pioneering work of Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) researchers. Using MHIF data, we developed a program for the rapid transfer and treatment of patients with heart attacks who present to hospitals that lack advanced cardiovascular capabilities. The Level 1 Program has proven that rural patients, when appropriately treated, can expect the same level of care and outcomes as those who present to major medical centers. This Level 1 Program has been replicated across the globe.

Leading the Field in Population Health Research

Through population health research, we aim to improve cardiovascular health outcomes, both individually and in entire populations. Our programs span the entire care continuum, from prevention and education to diagnosis, treatment and care. We collaborate with experts in population health, epidemiology, cardiology and behavioral health to design, implement and evaluate innovative programs. Our best-practice methodologies can include quantitative, qualitative or mixed research. And, we approach population health comprehensively and systematically including public health interventions, policy development and enforcement, environmental improvements and clinical interventions.

Translating Research into Practice

Partnering with the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) means contributions from research are applied to clinical knowledge more quickly. Because of our unique organizational model we link our research to the physicians who treat patients at the Minneapolis Heart Institute® so they are able to immediately employ the latest approved techniques to bring about the best outcomes. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation also delivers targeted, best-in-class educational programs to help translate research into practice. Educational program expertise ensures MHIF offers great programs, CME/CNE accreditation and outcomes evaluation.

CASE STUDY: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy International Summit V

In 2013, more than 230 attendees from 17 countries and 27 states traveled to Minnesota to join Dr. Barry Maron and his world-renowned faculty at the fifth Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy International Summit. The summit, spanning two and a half days, covered a wide range of current issues in HCM, including diverse views on the disease’s natural history and assessment of risk for sudden death. Dr. Maron described the event as “the place to hear ‘the whole HCM story’ in an intense, interactive format.”

Outstanding Research Facilities and Partners

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® is located on the campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. As a nonacademic, nonprofit research center, we combine the agility and independence of a midsize nonprofit with the patient volume and facilities of a major tertiary care center.

Facility at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®

  • World-class laboratory (CLIA- and IATA-certified)
  • NIH Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network grantee
  • Dedicated study monitoring space
  • Advanced cardiovascular imaging center, including a Siemens Flash CT scanner
  • –70°F and –20°F degree freezers
  • EKG
  • ABI testing equipment
  • Secure onsite storage for drugs and devices

Facility at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

  • 128-bed heart hospital
  • Diagnostic and testing equipment: EKG, CXR, Holter monitor, stress, nuclear, MV02, PET scan, MRI/MRA 2D and 3D echo
  • Pharmacy access
  • Access to Allina Health electronic health records, a robust database including records from 13 hospitals, 192 clinics, 12 urgent care facilities and 15 pharmacies

Procedure Volume

Through our partnership with the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, we have direct access to a large patient population and a substantial volume of data. Our 68 physician researchers conduct more than 75,000 clinic visits per year.

Procedures Performed Annually

  • > 5,000 cardiac catheterizations
  • > 2,000 cardiac PCIs
  • > 14 heart transplants
  • > 25 ventricular assist device implants
  • > 1,000 EP lab device implants
  • > 2,900 cardiac MRI scans
  • > 3,600 cardiac CT scans
  • > 470 CABGs and valve surgeries
  • > 100 endovascular aneurysm repairs

For inquiries about our research, please contact us: 612-863-3980

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